Resurrected is a mythic raiding focused guild located on the Sargeras server. We were established May 28th, 2008, since late in Burning Crusade and have been raiding end-game content ever since. We were formerly known as "Resurrection" on Twisting Nether until our migration to Sargeras, late in "Wrath of the Lich King."

Our guild members range from business professionals, to heart surgeons. Our diverse group of personalities is what makes our guild community so enjoyable. We are a very sarcastic bunch and we enjoy the community we've built. Our Discord is a blast during farm, but we know when it's time to be quiet and focus on progression.

Our core has been together for a very long time, and our leadership is still ran by the original founders of the guild.

Our current raid schedule is:
  • • Monday through Wednesday
  • • 8:00PM CST (Server Time) until 11:30PM.

A history of our guild is detailed below.

The original concept of Resurrected began during the final months of vanilla, on the Darkspear server. With the Burning Crusade soon to be released, many guilds began to leave the server, and players started to disburse. Rydhia (formerly Inexs), and a few of his friends began to assemble skilled players they had met throughout their raiding experiences to form "Resurrection," with the thought that "we could do that."

The idea was good at first, however, without a set GM and around ten officers, too many personalities collided. It was evident by the second lockout as a guild that such a setup would not work. As one member left, so would their friend or friends, and so on.

This was a valuable lesson in leadership, and also in recruiting not only quality players, but quality personality. It was at this time, Rydhia and Madison left Darkspear to Twisting Nether, where their guild had relocated to.

Once they arrived, their guild had been disbanded. Burning Crusade had already been live for about a month, and without a guild, it was very difficult to sell yourself without any current experience or gear. Luckily, they both found a home.

The guild they raided with for about a year, began very strong with an abundance of players waiting in line every night just to raid. Over time, "cliques" started to form and people began to be ignored for any activities unless you were needed for a 25 man raid. The raid leaders began to rotate their undergeared alts into farm night, stealing loot from core raiders who needed the gear. It got to the point where one person had close to a full set of tier 5 on four characters.

Many players began to leave, and attendance issues kept us locked out of raids, like Black Temple. The guild slowly diminished. At this time, Burning Crusade was basically over, and Wrath had been announced. We knew that we could make a guild and knew what mistakes not to repeat in order to keep it consistent with the vision.

Resurrected was founded May 28, 2008 by Rydhia, Madison, Jetz and Disket, with the vision of what a consistent and well-ran guild would look like. Many other guilds began to appear that promised glory come Wrath of the Lich King, so we began to recruit immediately. Our goal was to start raiding Burning Crusade content, to show potential recruits that we are actually doing things instead of saying "we're going to be good in Wrath."

By September, we had over ten players and began to do full clears of Zul'Aman, and Karazhan to gear freshly leveled characters. Eventually, we rallied some old friends together, and began hosting Serpentshrine Caverns and Tempest Keep clears. This became a weekly ordeal, and we ended up bringing anywhere from six to ten randoms in to help get the word out about us. We eventually made it up to Bloodboil in Black Temple and Archimonde in Hyjal with this setup.

We knew it was nerfed content, but it was a great start to launching the guild and getting interest out there. We continued to recruit, and nearly had enough players, but not as many as we would need for Wrath.

As we leveled through Wrath of the Lich King, we kept on recruiting anyone that was was interested that could fill a needed role. During our first week of raiding, we had one ten man group set that was downing content. By the second week, we began to run our second ten man group. With the holidays right around the corner, we kept a light raid schedule and kept on recruiting the final players we needed to do a 25 man raid.

We began to officially raid 25 mans on January 6th, 2009 as a guild only raid. As we downed content, interest rose and more applications to the guild were made. We worked hard towards Sartharian with three drakes up, and finally downed it that February as server 4th and Alliance 3rd.

The kill could not have come at a better time as the quality of our players was admirable, but not what we needed with Ulduar right around the corner.

Once the patch for Ulduar hit, all but two of our healers announced that they would be taking a break for the summer. This was the first, but not the last time we were left in a desperate situation. We proceeded to aggresively recruit in order to fill the void that was left. This was also a valuable lesson to us, teaching us to always have a contigency plan. We aggresively recruited and carried on with our members off healing content in order to down Yogg Saron within two months, scoring us a server 4th kill once again. During this time, many guilds that were once on the same page as us, recruiting and promising glory, began to fall apart. Our resilience kept us alive and healthy throughout this content.

With Ulduar normal modes under our belt, we proceeded to progress through hard modes. As we progressed, more and more guilds began to fall apart, and a valuable lesson about guild mergers was about to be learned from us. One of Burning Crusade's top guilds did not have the numbers or talent to support them throughout their journey, so we absorbed a large number of their talent. Initially, progression went well. With this new found power, we progressed through new hard modes, but forgot a valuable lesson we should have remembered from vanilla. Once again, the struggle for power in the guild came to play, and personalities conflicted as we raided. We quickly realized what was happening, and regained control of the guild and removed conflciting personalities. Ultimately, our merger left us with three talented players and more knowledge on how to run a guild.

Throughout this ordeal, we finished hardmodes in Ulduar and the race towards Algalon began. Compared to raiding on Sargeras, there is no measure of talent, however on our old server, we were neck to neck competing towards server first "Observed." Unfortuantely, we fell approximately one hour short from having our server first titles. Having come from just an idea, to becoming a top ranked guild on our then server, this did nothing but bolster our drive for success.

Once Trial of the Crusader hit, our roster was looking very promising and our drive was extemely high. We were hit, seemingly everyday, with issues. Raid wide disconnects and latency issues quickly became a problem for us. Trying to establish ourselves as a top guild while working through the issues that our wonderful server presented, became a problem for us.

This also taught us how to work through stress, not only from our raiders but from instability issues. Trial of the Crusader was a joke, anyone who raided it at its current level can attest to that. Going into hardmodes, downing Anub was where the glory lay. We will be the first to say, that we never look into downing a fight from a gimmick or exploit, or by the time we realize one exists, it has been hot fixed. With that being said, we found ourselves to be top two on our server. This fueled our drive to push content and we finally accomplished server first heroic Anub with "A Tribute to Skill." While no title was involved, this was a massive milestone for us, having come from nothing, to beating guilds as old as the server to the race. At this time, attention was placed on us, as the "friendly" guild rivalry continued into Icecrown.

Once the patch for Icecrown hit, we immediately began to clear content as fast as we could. Progression wise, at this point on our server, was us and one other guild. Many guilds that were around our progression began to crumble and fold. We were able to alternate server first kills from us and the guild we were competing with. Our server was quickly dying, and recruiting became an issue. Trying to sell yourself to talented players that knew what they were getting into became harder and harder.

We continued to aggresively recruit, as we have always done. A few of our players were upset in the decision that we made about Shadowmourne. Our theory was, the player who produces the best results along with tenure, should recieve the legendary. It was that decision, that made some melee players leave in hopes to get that orange, outdated, two-hander faster. This was once again, a learning experience for us, having never had to deal with a legendary on such a grand scale.

Our roster became a "revolving door" of players. They either were not up to par, or not Resurrection material. Trying to recruit players on a back-water server became increasingly difficult. It was a shock to us as well since we came here during the Burning Crusade, with many active guilds and players, just to have our home become nothing more than nothing.

Our long time rival threw in the towel, and no guilds worthy of noting were arrising. We knew something was happening to our home, but continued to progress through Icecrown. Recruiting was a literal nightmare; natives did not know what "Yogg Saron" was, and trying to sell ourselves to potential off-server recruits was seemingly impossible. At this time, we looked at it from a recruit's point of view. Our server had nothing to offer but a few players who thought they were amazing trolls (they weren't), and a pathetic population.

After a great deal of thought we came to the conclusion that we either needed to change, or we would meet our end on Twisting Nether. Resurrection rallied its members, and an overwhelming 82% came with us to our new home: Sargeras. We evaluated many options before we came to Sargeras. We could have easily taken the popular approach and moved to a steady server with less progression than us, but we were thinking long term. Sargeras was and still is a stable alliance server, with much to offer our members and great community to mnigle with. We came here knowing we would not be the best on our sever, but it would give us a chance to sell ourselves to recruits and to actively engage in the game versus where we came from.

Our final issue had always been tanks. They seemed to hold us hostage with their availabily and so on. We do not believe in any player having power over 24 other members, and finally, once we lost both of our tanks within the course of a week, Rydhia switched from playing his rogue to his warrior tank, which significantly increased our progression. This also enabled us to have a steady tank, and for us to gear players to play a off-spec tank in the case of a disaster.

Once we came to Sargeras and modified our tanks, we quickly downed heroic Lich King 10 and then 25 not long after, finishing Wrath off. We knew we made the right choice in our move, and became a "steady" progression guild on Sargeras. This change was much needed for our guild and our members and continues to serve us to this day.

With Cataclysm now live, Resurrected remained a competetive 25 man raiding guild. 10 man guilds began to emerge from seemingly nowhere, and were able to face-mash their way through content. Even though 25 man raiding was on the decline, our roster remained and continues to remain solid at the core. Our first and second summer on our new server proved to be a huge improvement in terms of recruitment in contrast to our prior server.

The Cataclysm was an exciting time for Resurrected. Many of our members had played since Vanilla, and were very pleased to see an update to the classic zones where we'd spent so much time.

While Cataclysm itself turned out to be fairly mediocre as far as expansions go, it was a time of growth and change for our guild. Many of our older members from Wrath of the Lich King had had enough of the game and so we found ourselves eagerly recruiting once more. We picked up several new and skilled players, two of which have now become officers making our officer core as strong as it ever was.

Tier 11 was the first time the game had seen new raid bosses in the long break between patch 3.3.5's Halion and the release of Cataclysm. With it returned old nemeses Nefarian and Onyxia. Many of our members, classic raiders, looked forward to ending both of these black dragons once and for all and eventually their powerful parents.

3 Raids were released in tier 11, and we managed to take all 3 down. Ending the reign of the elemental lord of Air, Al Akir, as well as Nefarian, Onyxia and the demented Cho'Gall. Finally, we faced Sinestra in the depths of the Bastion of Twilight.

Patch 4.2 brought the return of other foes from the game's past, most notable Ragnaros the Firelord. Firelands was a smaller sized raid, but proved to be a challenge on all fronts; except maybe Shannox.

After a short and frustrating pause on the gimmick of Heroic Rhyolith, we pushed through the rest of the instance boss by boss until only Ragnaros remained. The fight, like the Lich King in Wrath of the Lich King, proved to be so much more difficult on heroic than normal that it took us a few months to finally end his reign once and for all.

Tier 12 was also a time of Great Wealth for many of Resurrected's members. With the ability to solo kill the trash inside the Firelands using a particularly useful mechanic Shamans had, many members began preserving Firelands raid locks in order to make farming as effective as possible. Millions and Millions of Gold later, Blizzard finally patched the trash and made it impossible to continue, but we had our fortunes.

Looking ahead to the final major content patch of Cataclysm - 4.3, we were finally going to have the chance to defeat Deathwing. Far from the absent antagonist of Illidan, and the near constant taunting of the Lich King, Deathwing proved to be a fearsome expansion end boss. So much so that he was actually two boss fights. Like many we found ourselves stuck on the Heroic Spine encounter for a long time. This over tuned fight was eventually brought back into the realm of possibility for us and we defeated him, and Madness shortly followed.

The time after Deathwing's defeat was among the most fun we've had online. With the enemies all defeated and our weekly raid reduced to a one night 3 hour clear; many members started to take a more fun approach in their weekly raid time; including the addition of a new event we affectionately named TrollFR.

The Looking For Raid tool was one of the expansions new features, and was sadly abused by many guilds at its inception. While many guilds were penalized or banned for abusing the loot mechanics of the raid, we avoided the abusing and preferred to make the most of the random queue system.

Since the Looking for Raid tool brought many under-experienced players into the raiding scene, we took advantage of their ignorance and used our 'special strats' for defeating bosses. The foremost of these was the infamous "Willard Strat" for Ultraxion which involved the entire raid moving left to right, back and forth for 'reasons'. To our surprise, the entire random raid group would follow the movements of the tank and we got a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Another popular troll we undertook was the "Priest Raid" in which everyone got on their priest main/alt and proceeded to grip players on the gunship encounter. We would wait for players to be moving in the right direction and use the priest's Leap of Faith ability to pull them off the edge where they fell to their death. This also worked well on the Spine of Deathwing encounter, but our preferred troll on this fight was to cause Deathwing to spin. Many players weren't experienced in dealing with some mechanics so would always fall off when Deathwing rolled.

All fun and joking aside, Cataclysm turned out to be a very enjoyable time for our guild. With Blizzcon 2011 over we had a wealth of new information about Mists of Pandaria and of course: The Monk. Almost everyone wanted to play a monk in the new expansion and we were left to figure out who would. Eventually we were able to decide when more details emerged and some people were less enthusiastic towards it.

Mists of Pandaria was an expansion that we really looked forward to working through. Many members were excited about the theme and setting of the new Pandaren story and looked forward to exploring the games new features, such as pet battling and the monk.

Despite the great interest, the first tier of Mists of Pandaria turned out to be a rather eventful one for our raid roster. After one of the tanks decided to quit not long after reaching level 90, we were in a race to try and replace them. What followed was a two month long revolving door of tanks as one after another were recruited, trialled and left for one reason or another.

In spite of the tank woes, we were able to clear all of the normal mode content available, but began to fumble on some of the heroic encounters, getting stuck more than a few times. After finally completing Heroic Mogu'Shan Vaults, we began our progression through the Heart of Fear and finally found a stable tank who meshed well with our group. With our raid fairing much better now with some new blood, we continued to move through the Heart of Fear and into the Terrace of Endless Spring. We continued clearing heroic encounters and ended up finishing the tier with 11/14 Heroic modes downed.

With Patch 5.2 came the Throne of Thunder raid. We worked quickly through the normal modes in week 1 and were able to unlock heroic mode two weeks into the patch.

After a rather frustrating personal accountability fight in Heroic Jin'Rokh the Breaker, we began rapidly moving through the heroic mode bosses of the tier. Like most guilds in tier 15, we found ourselves stuck on Dark Animus. This boss was very difficult, and required such precise timing on every bit that it took a lot of practice to defeat him, but we eventually took him down.

By this point we were 11/13 Heroic in tier 15, with only Lei Shen in our way. Lei Shen was a very difficult fight, we had to make strategy changes multiple times in order to deal with the mechanics of each phase. We went through many roster changes during this boss, people quit, people joined then quit, and some people joined. After a month or so of hard work, we finally defeated him and were ready to fight Ra-Den.

After the horrible start to the expansion we experienced, the slow climb through the Throne of Thunder, we were ready to begin our assault on Orgrimmar.

Siege of Orgrimmar began on a much better note than the two previous tiers. We blazed through normal modes and took Garrosh down. After beginning our foray through the heroic content, we quickly beat boss after boss in the early sections of the raid. As we moved into the latter half of the raid, the bosses got much more difficult and then the burnout began.

It took us longer than it should have to complete this raid, with a revolving door of players that were unaccountable, unable to perform or just a personality that didn't mesh with our roster, we found ourselves in a tight place. We continued to do what we always do, and push forward through the tough times. After a strong recruitment campaign and some strategy adjustments, we finally took Garrosh Hellscream down.

At the launch of Warlords, we were consistently pacing to clear all of the content available. During Blackrock Foundry, a group of our players decided to form or reform their own guild, which left us at a competitive disadvatage, however we still managed to push recruitment and braced ourselves for the next patch.

We were able to clear all content up until Blackhand before the arrival of Hellfire Citadel. Considering a lot of guilds continued to collapse, we still felt accomplished even though we fell short of our vision.

Obviously this was a short expansion in terms of content and Hellfire Citadel was no exception. While we had a few setbacks while clearing content, we managed to attain one night clears. This allowed us to get over 25 raiders their mount off Archimonde. The easy break was much appreciated as we enjoyed other activities with each other while we looked forward to Legion.

Legion this far has been far better than Warlords proved to be. The only downside is the initial burnout that was experienced for the Artifact Power grind. This has been rectified and alternate characters are once again a little easier to maintain

After 8 years of raiding at this point, our leadership could no longer make our traditional 10pm raid times, and we had to drop them down to 8pm. This proved a challenge as we were in the middle of the Nighthold. This ultimately resulted in us taking a break after clearing Mythic Augur until the release of Tomb of Sargeras.

With Tomb of Sargeras about to go live, we have been building our roster with a strong composition in mind. For the first time in a long time, we are reinvigorated by our new times, returning veteran players and new additionas to our roster. We are excited to dive and devour the content!
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