Thank you for your interest in Resurrected. To begin the process of becoming a member of the team, you will need to fill out an application. We understand that applications can sometimes be tedious, however we have done everything we could to make it as easy as possible. The purpose of a guild application is to examine the personality of the player that is interested in membership based on their responses. We do not believe in wasting time with people who cannot perform or are looking for a short-term commitment.

We also don't believe in "special flowers." We don't care if you were in Vodka, or know a guy in Blood Legion. If you're rich and successful in real life, we are extremely happy for you. Everyone is required to fill out an application. There is no exception.


Our raid schedule on progression content consists of four days a week, which are:

Monday through Wednesday, 8:00PM CST until 11:30PM CST.

Raid invites go out at 7:50pm server time (CST) and raids conclude at at 11:30pm, however we may go a little later if a kill is imminent. We expect all raiders to take their invites and be outside of the instance by 7:50pm

Resurrected requires at least eighty percent attendance monthly or you will be demoted to casual and unable to raid.

Our trial period is 30 days from joining the guild. Under this period, you will be evaluated on multiple things. The first and most obvious, your ability to perform at an efficient level. We will watch our recruits to see if they are accountable for their mistakes and able to fix them in a timeley manner. After this, we look for the smaller things. We aim to have fun while we play and a lot of us have been raiding together for a long time. There is a noticable sense of comfort that we share with each other. We want you to mingle into the guild and enjoy being a part of it.

We believe in getting things done, but we don't enjoy people that consistently have a negative outlook or attitude about everything. You should have pride in the guild and be proud of the tag under your name. We expect you to represent us with a positive outlook on Sargeras and to be ambassadors for the guild. With our extensive experience, we easily identify players that are here for loot, cause drama and various "warning signs." Make sure you are applying for the right reasons.

Many of our members livestream our raids, which can be found on our media page if you would like to get a feel for the way we conduct our raids.

Our guild community is diverse and made up of a variety of individuals that range from ages 27 up to 40 plus. As previously mentioned, our core has been together for a very long time. There are words that are forbidden from use in our guild and anyone with common sense should be able differentiate appropriate from inappropriate. We have built relationships with each other and are able to use sarcasm and jokes during our interactions. If you're the type of individual that lacks a sense of humor or is easily offended, we are not the right guild for you.

When mistakes are made in a raid, the first few offenses are addressed to seek understanding and for us to try to help you. Being defensive and or having an attitude is not the right approach and will quickly diminish any respect as a player we have for you. This mindset is the type that will get you "yelled" at rather than questioned, benched and even removed from the guild. On the same note, you should never take anything said during a raid personally as our raid leaders are only there to facilitate. We want our raids to flow smoothly and anyone that prohibits that will not be tolerated.

We also keep in contact with each other on our forums and an app for mobile devices and PCs called "GroupMe." We often throw together spur of the moment runs, raids and so on. We also play steam games and other sorts of games with each other outside of Warcraft.

Simply put, we are a very sarcastic group but we know when it's time to focus. Disrespecting officers or guild members will not go unnoticed. If your skin isn't thick enough to take a joke or to be accountable for your mistakes, you will not have a good time here.

Please read our FAQ to learn about our guild policies, looting and nearly every answer to any questions you may have. Please be sure to clear up any final questions you might have before submitting your application. We do not believe in wasting your time, please do not waste ours with avoidable confusion.

Once you have submitted an application, our officers will discuss it amongst each other, and will often ask you for feedback to address any concerns they may have. Please check our forum frequently to keep your application process moving. We do our best to ensure quick turn-around time on your application, however given your class, role and our current roster, some time may be required to ensure we can back up whatever position we offer you.

We offer private applications. We do not promote malicious, inconspicuous behaviour and we would expect any of our members to have the same respect for us. You can use our private application form here, however additional questions will need to be answered. Do not use this application form unless there is extreme cause to do so. Using this form makes your application available only to the guild.

In-game officer contacts include: Inexs, Madison, Karatebob, Darnas and Starlet.

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