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Thread: Everything You Need To Know

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    Everything You Need To Know


    • 1. Expected Behaviors

      • a. Guild Code of Conduct

      • b. Policies

      • c. Trial Period and Pre Raid Procedures

    • 2. Loot Distribution

      • a. Loot Council

      • b. Special Rolls

    • 3. General Information

      • a. Raid Schedule

      • b. Server Information

    1. a. Code of Conduct

    Once a Resurrected member, you represent the guild publicly and no longer only yourself as an individual player. Your actions and behavior will reflect upon the guild and therefore any violation of the Code of Conduct can result in being removed from Resurrected. We will recruit based on quality, not quantity. It is important that all new members read our Code of Conduct before joining us. This ensures that new members will receive, without a doubt an understanding of our policies and behavior before they join us.

    1. b. Policies

    In the game or in Mumble, Resurrected members should respect their peers. Also, all members should respect other Alliance players in other guilds and refrain from aggressive slanderous behaviors. No derogatory comments in any shape or form that another individual takes serious offence to will be tolerated. This includes, but not limited to offensive sexist or racist jokes based on discrimination nor flirtatious advances towards individuals who do not want to participate. Finally, no harsh words should be said about people's moms, or families.

    Violation Consequence:
    1.) Any badmouthing, trash talking, racial, religious or condescending verbal abuse on Mumble or any words written in any chat channel (i.e. Guild, General, Trade, OR PST) will result in a warning. Following this warning you will be expected to apologize to the offended individual or party.

    2.) If this warning is further violated, a period of Raid probation will be issued. This time period of suspension will be judged by the officers depending on the severity of the comments or actions made.

    3.) Upon 3rd violation, player(s) will be removed from guild.

    Resurrected intends to be a group of players sharing common values while emphasizing friendship. Participate in the community on the website, guild chat and Mumble. When you log on it is good practice to communicate with other members. If you are shy even a simple hello and goodbye lets us know you are an active member who acknowledges your fellow guildies.

    Be true to your word and accept responsibility for your actions. Being honorable involves playing fair and being considerate of other players.

    Being loyal to your guild includes following our code, helping others and not showing the unwanted vice of greed. Self serving actions and attitudes will not be tolerated in Resurrection. We do not expect you to jump when a member needs a group for an instance, it's a good practice to help when you can from time to time.

    Being a community, we uphold a certain level of maturity. We are not measuring age, but character. Your behavior directly affects the atmosphere, and if this atmosphere is tainted with immaturity, it will threaten the guild's integrity.

    Many of our members lead personal lives that involve many things like raising a family or studying through school. We keep our schedule flexible to accommodate the matter. However if you are an active raider in Naxxramas, for example, then we require any line of communication of informing us of absences.

    We are not a mandatory five night a week raiding guild. However, We employ a team that has multiple subs which we all cooperate and rotate in players as balanced as we possibly can. As we supply flexibility in guild schedule we ask of our members to be flexible as active raiders and subs.

    Raid invites go out at 9:45 and you are expected to be waiting outside of the instance we are doing. If we need to utilize Sunday, you will receive notice beforehand.

    You are encouraged by this charter to make suggestions of any kind. However small, your input is valued. There is a diplomatic way to give suggestions which includes a positive rational that is delivered with respect not out of frustration or negative emotion. Your views can be expressed in the Policies forum on the website, the class forums or in Mumble with a Resurrected officer.

    One virtue that our guild rewards is generosity and gratitude. If you see that another peer of yours would benefit more from a loot drop that you may want but consider it not a tremendous upgrade passing to the player in need will not go unnoticed.
    If you ever "NINJA" anyone in any instance you can be removed from the guild. It will be up to the officer dealing with the issue to determine what punishment to enforce. We repeat, your actions reflect on our guild so it is not acceptable with "pug" groups either.

    This is a game, don’t take it too seriously and have fun. If you find yourself not happy and feel it’s because you don’t feel a part of the guild then do what you have to do to maintain the fun factor. If this means leaving for another guild or leaving guilds in general don't be stressed on reactions and simply do it. However, let us point out that it is courtesy to leave on good terms which would include an honorable explanation and a respectful goodbye. This includes giving us a two week notice, or at the very least, a week. In most cases, we bring players in, teach them new fights and gear them. It is a common courtesy to inform us of any intended departure so we have time to fill your role.

    This ensures that your gameplay on Sargeras remains positive with no animosities. Lastly, even too much of a good thing can have negative effects on an individual. If you find yourself becoming overly emotional or stressed in this game it is our advice that you take a break. Go out and breathe some fresh air. Moderation will only keep the game fun for you because it prevents one from becoming "burnt out."

    1. c. Trial Period and Pre Raid Procedures

    Resurrected provides flasks and repairs for it's players ranked member and higher. Upon your trial status in Resurrected, you are expected to:

    • Be outside the designated raid, listed in Guild Message of the Day by 7:50PM CST

    • Have enough consumables to cover 3.5 hours of raiding including flasks and food buffs.

    • Do not ask for an invite, we don't recruit to bench and we know you're ready to raid.

    All trials are under strict review. We do realize that we're all only human, however you're setting expectations for yourself, and consistently afking, bathroom breaking along with other excuses which prohibit yourself from doing the job you were recruited for - will NOT be tolerated. We have no desire in wasting your time, don't waste ours. Your performance will also be measured along with your personality. We encourage new members to speak casually in Mumble with everyone else, but have enough common sense to know when it's time to let the officers do their jobs. Your performance in raid is a large majority of our evaluation.

    As a Trial member, you are able to bid on loot, but will only receive it if anyone ranked above you does not need the item. For more questions on our bidding system, please see our DKP section.

    2. a. Loot Council FAQ

    Loot Council
    Loot is distributed via loot council. Two officers and one raider ranked "Member" or higher are alternated into the decision weekly. We use RCLootCouncil to distribute loot and this is required.

    2. b. Special Rolls

    As a guild, we do farm various things such as Mimiron's Head, Pureblood Firehawk, etc. To handle the distribution of items such as this in the most fairest way, it is handled accordingly:

    • Trials - Unable to roll (Unless no one needs said item)

    • Members - /roll 1-60

    • Veterans - /roll 1-80

    • Ascendant (and higher) - /roll 1-100

    Winners are allowed to sell the item, however their roll is forfeited until everyone has had a chance to win said item.

    3. a. Raiding Schedule

    All raids begin at 10:00PM until 1:30AM CST (Server)

    Sunday Off
    Monday Progression / Clean Up
    Tuesday Farm Night
    Wednesday Progression
    Thursday Progression
    Friday Off
    Saturday Off (LFR, Flex Raids, 10 Mans)

    Ten man runs are usually scheduled around Saturday / Sunday Nights if applicable.

    3. b. Server Information

    Rankings: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/sargeras
    Horde / Alliance Ratio: http://www.wowrealmstatus.net/servers/us/sargeras.php
    Battlegroup: Shadowburn (forums: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/bo...?forumId=69366)
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